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Target Response Time/Contact Us

Requests from Lenovo Employees, Lenovo Business Partners and Customers for the information the Configurator contains will be answered promptly.  The Configurator Help Desk will be staffed as much as possible from 0400 to 1200 hrs, EST (UTC-4/5) on weekdays.  This will allow for prompt response to clients in Europe.  The target response time continues to be within 5 minutes of receiving a request, just as it was when the tool was formally supported and funded.  Response time for inquiries outside this time window may be longer.  Should a request require a change to the data, for example

  1. adding a partnumber
  2. adding a model withdrawn before database population began
  3. correcting an error of omission or commission
  4. making a change to the 'flow' of questions & answers

the target response time to update the data and respond to the 'customer' continues to be 10 minutes, as before.  Change requests from Lenovo Brand teams will be given priority, especially those requiring adjustments to the product content.

Enquiries from within North America may receive a telephone response.

There is a blog, at http://pscfg.blogspot.ca/ where comments and questions can be viewed by all.  I can also be reached at help@pscfg.com, or via text to 001-519-318-6663, or using Skype, at configuratorhelp. 









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