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System Selection

This is the panel you see once you click on Configuration-->Begin a Configuration.  We call this the "drill-down" method of finding a system unit, because you drill down deeper into each product family until you find the exact model you want.

Note these selection menus show only current models.  For withdrawn systems, you must choose the Withdrawn Systems tab at the right end of the tabs across the bottom.  Or, you can type a full or partial number into Quick Lookup.

Some families, and some individual models within families, have their one-line description appear in color.  This is to help users quickly identify those models as 'special', in some way.  The pink ones identify those as TopSeller models.  Other colors are used for other types, like Education, Global, Web, Workhorse, etc.  Note we still don't see price or supply values, as we have not drilled down far enough to see actual partnumbers.  Scroll down to see what appears If we actually select a family.

Here we selected the new ThinkCentre M71e family.  We see all the current models, complete with their respective price & supply values but sometimes for newly announced items there are as yet no supply supply values.  For two of them, we used Show Details to read the extended description.  In almost every case, the one-line product description does not spell out all the technical details you need to make an educated buying decision.   

These two models have similar but not identical one-line descriptions.  See how one model has the Chassis Intrusion Switch, and the other does not ?














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