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Product Content

Since the data maintenance was only re-started in 2010/01, system units and options withdrawn prior to that are not in the data file at the moment.  But it currently contains just about all partnumbers announced in the U.S., in the  categories below, according to the PSREF, updated as of June 2016.  Numbers in parentheses are from previous months and show the changes.

In June/2010, a Western Europe version of the PSREF appeared.  I have been adding all the system units (some of which are identical to the U.S. versions, just with the last character of the partnumber different).  This update has  both N. American and W. European models, but Lenovo does not publish list prices for Europe.   I am looking for a Business Partner in Europe who publishes a price list.  There are approx. 9,200 (7,700) current system units, and over 10,250 (10,100) withdrawn, and over 24,000 orderable partnumbers in total. The number of current Western Europe system units has grown from approx.  24 (October/2010) to almost 4,500 (3,200 in August/2015).  There are another 8,200 in Withdrawn Systems - Europe.

 (Numbers in parentheses are from last month, and in some cases below, from the update before that as well, to show how much growth there has been.)


  • ThinkCentres 1600 (1330) 
  • IdeaCentres  and Essential models 31 (31)
  • ThinkPads  4600 (3570)
  • ThinkPad Edge & SL models 248 (331)
  • IdeaPads  23 (23)
  • All-In-Ones  604 (477)
  • ThinkStations  1253 (1200) 
  • ThinkServers  & Racks 805 (659) 
  • Withdrawn System units  10,400 (10,100) 
  • Options and Software for all of the above.   ~5,000  (~6,800)

Note there are now over 4,800 current mobile models between the US and Western Europe (excludes Canadian models ending in F, which are not in the data file).  The U.S. alone has almost 2,600 current ThinkPad and Tablet models.

My sources for this information are the PSREF, the OCM and various price/supply files.   More products are being added all the time.   Various colours for the one-line description  are used to indicate when a model is a TopSeller, Education, Global, Workhorse  etc.    Withdrawn items appear as 'faded', with a "WD" at the end of the one line description..

If anyone would like a withdrawn system added to the data so that the Configurator can assist with field upgrades, please contact me below.  The target response time of 10 minutes to deliver the update may not be achievable here, depending on the nature of the request !  Adding a single system will be quick.  Adding 100 withdrawn models will take some time...

BTO/CTO (Build-To-Order/Configure-To-Order) products are also not in the data, although they can be added easily, and were present in the past in some versions.  I don't have access to details about those partnumbers.

A new feature has been added, for those interested in long-ago withdrawn systems.  The download page now has links to three PDB files created from Configurator files of several years ago, which are readable by the Android and BlackBerry apps mentioned in the left pane.  These files typically hold systems withdrawn up to five years prior to their date, which may be of use if you need a quick source of info regarding the standard specs of older machines.  You can't configure them in the app, of course, but at least you can see things like how many memory sockets they had and how many were filled with what.

Please contact me at help@pscfg.com so I can respond to your request.

I am also available via Skype, as configuratorhelp

















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