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When you first start the Configurator, this is the panel you will see.  The outer panel has pull-down items across the top, which you use to decide how you want to explore the product data and functions of the software.  The inner panel (New Configuration - 1) will contain the configuration you have on-the-go at the time.  You can have multiple configurations in progress, and they will each have their own inner panel.  It is also possible to have one configuration displaying one set of price & supply values, while another one has entirely different choices.  The name of each inner panel can of course be changed to something appropriate for the customer or the model being configured.

There are four ways to 'get at' the data.  We don't pick one as the default entry point, because each situation is different.  You never know what question the customer will ask.  You choose which entry point is appropriate for each new customer situation.

  1. Drill-down method, where you work your way through the product line. Use Configure-->Begin a Configuration.  Perhaps you start with ThinkPads, then  the T420 family, then the 4236 models, and finally the 4236-NVU.
  2. Direct entry, where you already know the partnumber or some of it, or even a text string you know will be part of the extended description.  Use Pricing-->Quick Lookup.  (See Quick Lookup in the left panel)
  3. Needs Assist, where all you have is a set of customer requirements.  Use Configuration-->Needs Assist.  Choose from one or more filters/needs, and select which values you want for each filter. (See Needs Assist in the left panel) 
  4. Needs Assist, where you have a system already (which you may have modified by adding options or deleting standard components).  Use Configuration-->Needs Assist, find me a matching PC.  This will hunt for a system unit with the same characteristics, and if there is no exact match, you can adjust one or more of the filters to say "A minimum of XXX" rather than "Exactly XXX".






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